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Why SEO is a Great Option for Motorcoach Companies During Industry Downturn

June 12, 2020
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The logistics and transportation industry performs one of the most important services of the modern globalized and highly interconnected world. However, unfortunately, since the start of 2020, more and more states are limiting transportation and travel in order to contain COVID-19 outbreak. And this has created impediments for the motorcoach companies in the US.

Impact of COVID-19 on the Motorcoach Industry

The unrelenting speed with which the impacts of the coronavirus have been felt is significant as international airlines, major national railways and local bus and subway systems have experienced free-fall declines in customers, which is a cause of concern. And it is worth noting that the resulting pressure from federal and state authorities to reduce service or even close operations altogether has thrown the systems into unchartered territory.

Usually, this time of year, the bus and motorcoach industry in the US kicks into gear. Motorcoach companies look forward to a busy and jam-packed spring, summer, and fall seasons when they earn at least 80% of their annual revenue.

However, this year, the coronavirus has put the brakes on these companies. The American Bus Association Foundation issued a report highlighting the effects COVID-19 is having on the motorcoach and bus industry in the US. And there is no doubt that the cancellation of school field trips, sports events, conventions, destination weddings, and concerts will have a powerful adverse impact on the US motorcoach industry.

Why SEO is a Great Option for Motorcoach Companies to Stay Relevant on SERPS

Being stuck in a lockdown situation is not ideal for any business. However, it should not keep you from continuing to improve and streamline your business and grow your online presence. Search engine optimization efforts should continue, particularly for small to mid-sized businesses, and SEO can be very helpful for your motorcoach business during this COVID-19 lockdown period.

Better Rankings

The results of SEO efforts last a long time in most cases. If you operate a motorcoach business, you can climb the rankings gradually, by leveraging the best SEO practices. This will allow you to gain market share by being high on SERPS when business picks up again.

Brand Awareness

Did you know that brand awareness and organic search results are usually linked to one another? Also, by using search engine optimization, you can build and maintain both. For example, when you share valuable and relevant content, such as helpful tips on how to travel safely during the lockdown, people will notice your brand, and your awareness will improve. This will increase your visibility on search engines and your overall brand awareness.

SEO Develops Trust

During hardships and trying times, such as the coronavirus lockdown, earning trust and confidence from your customers is essential. Having consumers’ trust ensures that travelers will consider your transport services. Operating a business that people recognize online as genuine, reliable and trustworthy involves some crucial elements that you can target with an effective SEO strategy.

Note that many online users only check the first few pages of search results when searching online. This is why having your website on those pages is important.

Having a reputable and highly visible motorcoach business online plays an essential role in how your services are perceived. And again, when the business starts picking up again, you could gain market share by outranking others who have stopped SEO completely.


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