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By: Fusebox Marketing | January 28, 2020

Fusebox Marketing Presented With New Business Award

New Business Award For Fusebox Marketing

Fusebox Marketing was presented with the New Business Award at the 2020 Carroll Chamber of Commerce Banquet. This award is for making a positive impression in the community and assisting to position Carroll as a regional center.

Message From Austin Scott, Owner (Read Full Post Here)

“I really appreciate receiving this award. As all you entrepreneurs out there know, starting a business is hard. I ended my relationship with a company after nearly 9 years to start Fusebox Marketing with a couple of very young kids at home and no back-up plan. All I knew is that I wanted to build a company to provide high-quality marketing and lead generation services. Fusebox has seen steady growth the last few years and it’s truly the result of our talented team, honesty, transparency, and reliability. I couldn’t build this company without the support of my wife and my company’s most intangible assets, my employees. Thanks again to the Carroll Chamber of Commerce for this award.”