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Foundation Repair Contractor Website and SEO Tips

September 28, 2018
Foundation Repair

For homeowners, hiring a foundation repair contractor can be a difficult decision and your website will likely be one of the first experiences they have with your company. As homeowners investigate contractor websites, it’s important to make an impression to fill your sales pipeline with homeowners waiting for a foundation inspection.

Our team has worked with foundation repair contractors from around the United States building websites and designing strategic marketing campaigns. This experience has allowed us to create a list of website tips foundation contractors should consider incorporating into their website.

Create “Signs of Foundation Problems” Pages

Homeowners will likely not understand what a “pier” or “anchor” is, but they do know the problems they are seeing. Homeowners often search terms like “wall crack repair”, “leaning chimney repair”, “fix bowing wall”, “uneven floors”, and other problems that are happening to their home. They likely do not understand their problem could be an underlying foundation issue, but by having dedicated pages for each type of foundation problem sign will increase the chances of visitors coming to your website. Each one of these pages should describe the problem, the root causes, solutions, and next steps to contact you for an inspection.

For your convenience, here is a list of common pages we add to foundation repair websites:

  • Bowing Walls / Leaning Walls
  • Settling Foundation / Sinking Foundation
  • Uneven Floors / Sloping Floors
  • Sagging Crawlspace
  • Wall Cracks / Foundation Cracks
  • Floor Cracks
  • Ceiling Cracks
  • Heaving Foundation
  • Sticking Doors & Windows
  • Leaning Chimney / Tilting Chimney
  • Leaning Retaining Wall

Call-To-Action On Each Page

One of the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for your website should to generate foundation repair leads. The first task you need to do is decide all the ways a potential customer can contact you? Can you service phone calls? emails? chats? social media messages? texts? Once you have decided make sure these are marketed throughout the website. A great rule of thumb for foundation repair companies is to add your contact details to the top, 50% down the page, 75% down the page, and at the bottom of each page.

Create and Service Area Pages

To help generate more website traffic from search engines add pages for each of the states and cities your service. For example, lets say you own a company that services 150 miles around Austin, TX. There are tons of great tools online to figure out what are the most populated cities are within your service area. Once you create a list, start creating pages with unique content (NEVER DUPLICATE CONTENT FROM OTHER WEBSITES OR PAGES WITH YOUR OWN WEBSITE), for each service area page. In most cases, content can give visitors an overview of the services you offer, how you service their city, and call to action with phone number and quote information for homeowners to take the next steps. As you start creating these pages you may see you site coming up for terms like “foundation repair san antonio” becuase you’ve created service area pages for those towns. Be sure to also use SEO friendly urls, so your links shoudl be similar to:

  • etc.

Build Trust With Foundation Maintenance Tips

A great way to increase authority in the foundation repair industry is by providing valuable information to homeowners. Creating a page(s) on your website with useful tips about foundation maintenance will increase homeowners’ trust with your company. If your contracting business provides ancillary services such as concrete repair, landscaping/excavating, or yard drainage, this is a great way to tie in these services into the content.

Create A Project Gallery With Before and After Photos & Videos

There is nothing that makes more of an impact than a homeowner visually seeing a similar problem they are having with their foundation and seeing the problem fixed. A photo or video project gallery also gives you the opportunity to show the types and difficulty of foundation issues your company has successfully fixed. Tip: When taking before and after photos or video, be sure to stand the same place so the photos or videos side by side will display the most difference.

Add A Frequently Asked Foundation Repair Questions (FAQ) Page

Spend time speaking with your sales staff, foundation inspectors, and anyone else who interacts with homeowners on a frequent basis. Create a list of questions homeowners often ask before, during, and after the job and thoroughly answer the questions. Use the questions and answers to create a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on your website. Your new FAQ page will help alleviate purchasing anxieties, improve SEO, and earn additional trust by providing industry expertise. A few sample questions are listed below.

  • How much does foundation repair cost?
  • How long will it take to repair my foundation?
  • Can I fix my foundation myself?
  • What causes foundations to fail?
  • Are you a member of any trade organizations?
  • What type of product and service warranty do you provide?
  • Do you offer financing?
  • Do you have any references?

Add Structured Data Markups

Structured data markups have been around for awhile, but they continue to play an important role when ranking your website in your service area. Incorporating structured data into your website is important because Google uses this information to understand the content on the page. At the very basic level you can markup your company name, address, phone number, hours, logo, social profiles, breadcrumbs, and more. By adding structure data markup you may also start noticing favored content placement on Google search by the way of content boxes.

Make Sure Call-To-Actions In Header, Footer, & Middle Of Each Page

Website visitors don’t always land on your homepage when they enter your website. Make your contact information and quote/inspection requests links easy to find by adding your contact information to the top, bottom and middle of each of your web pages.

Clearly Explain Your Inspection & Estimating Process

The better a homeowner understands the work involved in fixing their foundation problem, the more trust they will have with your business. A great way to start building this trust is to provide website visitors with an overview of the process your company takes once they call or request an inspection.

Humanize and Personalize Your Website

It’s important to make website visitors aware their are actual people behind your website and company. This same philosophy can go for humanizing your company’s brand in general. It can be incredibly tough for someone to trust a company, particularly if the company comes off as just that—a company. Is many instances fixing a foundation can be an expensive pill to swallow for a client, so reminding homeowners there are people working behind the scene that he/she can trust. Great ways to personalizing your website includes: staff photos, corporate videos, company story, and real online chat.

Additional Ideas and Features To Consider

  • Solicit For Reviews From Website Visitors
  • Add Badges, Logos, and Awards To Increase Credibility
  • Add Remarketing To Stay Top Of Mind
  • Secure Your Website With An SSL Certificate
  • Add Reviews & Testimonials
  • Market Your Warranty
  • Create Limited Time Promotions
  • Keep Giving Value To Website Visitors With A Blog
  • Add Live or Bot Chat
  • Build Your Social Following With Links To Social Media Pages
  • Add Financing and Payment Options
  • Add Careers Page
  • Add Refer A Friend Page
  • Let Homeowners Submit Photos Of Problem Through Inspection Form
  • Add Some Case Studies
  • Highlight Products You Use & Their Benefits
  • Work With Realtors? Commercial? Property Managers? Be Sure To Add Content For These Audiences
  • Add Call Tracking
  • Add a Sticky Call To Action


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