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Drive Targeted Traffic With PPC

There are different types of pay per click (PPC) type advertising, but the most common are search ads. Search ads appear at the top of search engines like Google when people search for products or services. These types of ads display above organic and local map listings and each time your website is clicked, you pay a fee. Other types of PPC ads include display ads, video ads (such as pre-roll ads on YouTube), and social media advertising. Our team can execute and monitor your PPC campaigns to ensure you see clear ROI.

How Much To Invest in PPC?

Choosing how much to invest can be a complicated process. Our team helps alleviate budgeting stress by creating detailed forecasts to show what type of performance to expect with your PPC campaigns. The fee paid for each click can vary greatly from industry to industry. In general, the cost per click is determined by: keywords, quality scores, competition, industry, and seasonality.

Pay Per Click Management

When you choose to have our team manage your PPC campaigns, you have the peace of mind that your campaigns are being handled by experts in Google Ads and Bing Ads. Below you can read more about what makes up our PPC management services.

Quality Traffic

It’s important to not only increase traffic but get quality traffic as well. Our team will work to drive the right type of traffic that brings you qualified visitors.

Display and Retargeting Ads

Keep your site at the forefront of people's minds by staying in front of visitors who have visited your website and interacted with your brand.

Simple and Fair Management Pricing

Our management fees are based on you total ad investment, industry, and number of channels that are managed.

Copy Writing That Converts

The copy inside your ads and landing pages are important aspects of a successful PPC campaign.

Competitor Analysis

We’ll throughly review competitors bidding on the same keywords and inspect landing pages to help out convert your competitors.

Robust Call and Email Form Tracking

We’ll leverage CallRail and analytics tools to track which keywords, placements and channels are driving calls and emails.

Custom Key Performance Reports

You’ll receive scheduled KPI reports which include key stats, work summaries, and overall campaign performance.

Pre-Launch Forecasting

To help our clients better undestand PPC potential, we’ll run forecasts to help set goals and give a market outlook.

websites & landing pages that convert

We work with businesses to design and execute marketing strategies that position them to grow their brand, generate leads, and reach their marketing goals. Our approach is to provide clients with in-depth market and industry research combined with strategy discussions about your company’s background and expectations.

Landing Page Design