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How To Track Digital Marketing Leads & Which Marketing Channel They Came From

June 9, 2022
Digital Marketing| Lead Generation

By now, most companies understand the importance of a sound marketing strategy. Having a robust approach to your marketing can be the thing that skyrockets your business and boosts your bottom line. When you take advantage of all the different marketing channels available, it increases the visibility of your company – and your marketbase – by orders of magnitude. So how do you know which marketing strategies are right for your company?

That’s where Fusebox Marketing comes in. We’ll help your company make informed, data-based marketing decisions that fuel your bottom line. When you know exactly which strategies are working for your company, you know where to focus your efforts and which strategies are not providing you with a payout. Here’s how we use lead tracking to help you sort through your marketing and find what works!

Using Google Analytics to Track Lead Attribution

If you want to know what portions of your marketing strategy are effective, it’s vital to know where your leads are coming from. It’s also critical that you understand your conversion funnel and the steps that lead to a conversion. When you know all of this, you can better target your marketing efforts, and simplify your funnel to eliminate steps that are inefficient – or worse, lead to your leads abandoning the conversion process. How do you find out all of that information?

With Fusebox Marketing, we utilize Google Analytics to help you determine these key factors. By making use of Google Analytics, our team can help you keep track of not only how your customers are getting to your site, but how they travel through the conversion process. With this information, we can determine which steps of your conversion process are leading to the most conversions, and subsequently which parts are frustrating your customers.

More than that, we can tell you which marketing efforts are directly contributing to customers entering the conversion funnel. With this information, you can better allocate your resources into what’s working. You can also evaluate what isn’t working and how you can change the process into something that does work. 

By properly evaluating the process, we can determine which marketing efforts initially bring your customers into the conversion funnel, which ones ultimately lead to them converting, and how long it takes for a customer to go from the awareness phase to a conversion. These bits of info help you streamline your process and take your marketing to the next level!  

Track Calls and Form Submissions with CallRail

Being able to track which marketing efforts are leading to your online conversions is a big piece of the marketing puzzle. But it’s just that: a piece. There’s more to it than just tracking your online conversions. You also need to know which of your marketing efforts are leading to the calls you get on a daily basis. Where those calls come from is critical in how you allocate your marketing resources. Fusebox Marketing helps you stay on top of this information by utilizing the call and form submission tracking power of CallRail. With CallRail, we can assign a different, unique phone number to every marketing effort that leads to a customer calling your business. With this information, you can decide whether email marketing is really paying off for you. You’ll know how many of your customers saw that Facebook ad you ran and decided to call your company for their service.

But call tracking isn’t the only avenue CallRail provides for us to take your marketing efforts to the next level. With the form submission tracking data, we can analyze which of your marketing efforts are leading to your customers filling out the forms on your website. It allows you to know which keywords your customers are searching, and in turn which you should be targeting to help increase your leads. All this data, when combined, allows you to develop a robust and effective marketing campaign to help your business grow!

Fusebox Brings Everything Together

Now that we’ve demonstrated how important to your marketing efforts it is to have precise, accurate data and tracking, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. It’s a lot of information coming at you from a lot of different sources. How are you going to keep everything straight and easily understood? That’s where Fusebox Marketing really shines!

Every month, you’ll receive a report that keeps track of all your important website information. We take the time to bring all your key performance indicators into one easy-to-read report that helps you identify what is working for your company and which steps need to be reevaluated. Our team takes the information from Google Analytics, CallRail, and our other SEO efforts and brings it all together for you to make informed decisions that work for your company.

When you want to boost your marketing efforts and are ready to see your company grow, let Fusebox Marketing take you there. We’re here to boost your marketing beyond what you thought possible!


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