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ROI  is incredibly important when performing SEO on a website. It shows you, the client, where our marketing efforts are succeeding and where they could use a little more work. When we do SEO for your company, we have several factors that we track to determine exactly what your ROI is. These factors include:

  • Traffic Analytics – This includes total organic traffic and new organic traffic on a month-to-month basis. This also shows where in the country your traffic is coming from.
  • Analytics Goals – These goals include any measurable tasks from potential customers you’re wanting to track on your site, including how many people filled out online forms or clicked on your phone number, etc. on a month-to-month basis that created leads for your company.
  • Call tracking – We can install software on your website that tracks exactly how many people called you each month and how many of those were organic leads.
  • Ranking Reports – For SEO, we choose keywords to target for each page on your site. We then track these keywords to determine where your site is ranking for each. We monitor the development of these rankings over time to get a clear picture of changes or progress.

All of these factors combine to create your company’s SEO ROI. Depending on your investment level, these reports can become even more in-depth to provide you with the best knowledge of your company’s online presence and how it can be improved. When you choose to do SEO with Fusebox Marketing, you’re getting the complete package of research, insights, and website development.

Social Media ROI

Awareness is a key benefit of social media when determining how your business can benefit from the platforms. But at times awareness is not enough. That’s why we take our reporting further by tracking numbers using Facebook Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and CallRail.

Clear Goals
When determining your social media ROI you need to be specific on what you want to get out of the service. Although some clients just want to stay active or receive a certain number of impressions or likes, some want leads. The following are examples:

  • I want to increase my Facebook followers by 50.
  • I want to have 100 new website visitors from Facebook.
  • I want to receive 3 leads from Facebook.

Fusebox Marketing tracks social media ROI by utilizing different analytics on both Facebook and your website. When determining the type of ad we would run, we take into consideration your goals. There are brand awareness ads, traffic ads, conversion ads, and more. We will track different analytics based on the ad type we choose. For example, if you want to receive leads from your ads, we will run conversion ads. We will track the ads on Facebook, CallRail, and Google Analytics. We will set up a pixel on your website that will track the Facebook users to show their actions after interacting with your ad. No matter the type of goal you have for your social media advertising, we can put analytics and tracking measures in place so you can see a clear ROI.

Google Ads ROI

The only real way to know if your Google Ads investment is paying off is through comprehensive tracking. First, we work with you to understand your business goals – more traffic, increased leads, brand awareness, more sales, etc. Then we set up customized conversion tracking to measure the success of your PPC campaigns. This includes:

  • Google Analytics: How much website traffic is coming from your ads, how are they behaving, and what are their demographics?
  • Call Tracking: How many users are seeing your ad and either calling directly from it or calling from your website?
  • Form Tracking: How many users are seeing your ads and filling out a form on your website, including quote requests, donations, newsletter sign-ups, etc.?

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters for your PPC advertising is that you are seeing results, which is why our team not only implements extensive tracking but also transparent tracking that allows you to clearly see your return on investment (ROI).