Young Professionals Group in Carroll, Iowa

Owner of Fusebox Marketing, Austin Scott, Elected Chair of Young Professionals Group (CYP)

The owner of Fusebox Marketing, Austin Scott, has been selected to be the 2017 chair for the Carroll Young Professionals (CYP).  CYP’s purpose is to “unite young professionals and leaders ages 21- 45 who have a desire to build relationships, enhance their professional development, and contribute to the community.” The relationships he’s formed through groups like CYP has had a positive impact on his personal and professional growth.

You can find more information about Carroll Young Professionals (CYP) on their website.

Mailbox mounted outside business

PO Box Vs Physical Address on Google

Our company recently moved into new location in Carroll, Iowa. Upon setting up our mail forwarding service, we discovered our local USPS would not delivery mail to our physciall address without an outside accessible mail box. The building we are currently leasing does not allow for outside mail boxes because of security, so we had to register for a PO Box.

As we were updating our Google+, Google Maps, and other local directory listings, we were concerned about local SEO. We also had a concern that people would find our address online and try to send us mail, which would never reach us unless they used our PO box. We put together some recommendations below along with some references to help you navigate the best way to set up your business online if you must use a PO Box.

We found this helpful link that guides you on setting up your business page correctly.


  • Use your physical address and no PO Boxes
  • If you do have a PO box, mention that in the description of your business
  • You may use suite numbers, building numbers etc. But remember if you use “ste” short for suite in your address, us the same format on all directory listings
  • If you need to specify a mailbox or suite number within your physical location, please list your physical address in Address Line 1, and put your mailbox or suite number in Address Line 2.
  • Do not create more than one page for each location of your business, but if you feel its necessary check out these guidelines about individual practitioners and departments for more information
  • If you input your address and Google isn’t finding the location, use the manual pin process and register your business location by following these steps