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Helping Business Grow Revenue, Generate Leads, and Build Their Brand

  • Do you have the right marketing strategy in place to reach your goals?
  • Are you frustrated with marketing companies that struggle with proving ROI?
  • Do you have a team of marketing experts at your fingertips helping you grow your business?

Our team has worked with hundreds of businesses on their websites, SEO, social media and overall brand strategy. These experiences have allowed us to develop processes to help our clients generate leads, drive more website traffic, build a strong brand, and take their marketing to the next level.

Our Story

“As the Owner of Fusebox Marketing, I thought it might be helpful to tell the story of Fusebox Marketing in first person. Starting in the early 2000’s I became increasingly interested in the world of graphic design, especially designing websites. While in high school and eventually in college, I took about every website design course I could to hone in my coding and design skills. During my college years I started a website design company called ARS Websites (yes very creative name). My first website design project was for a local catering business for $500. After I received that check, I truly couldn’t believe I could make money doing something I thought was just fun. 

Once that first website was launched, I set out and sold other local businesses in my college town websites and eventually internet marketing (little did I know at the time it was actually SEO I was selling). I gained a handful of clients who paid for their website and marketing which was great for a starving college student. Eventually, a website design company in my hometown contracted me to help their clients design websites and I was eventually in charge of creating marketing plans and worked with hundreds of businesses over the years. This allowed me to dive deep into the ways clients generate revenue, what types of marketing strategies work, and much more. 

In late 2016 I decided to rebrand my business from WebVenture Inc. to Fusebox Marketing and start building a marketing agency. I knew to be successful I needed the right people and processes. Since opening the doors of our office, I’ve been able to hire some extremely talented individuals who have taken Fusebox to the next level. Today, our talented team works with clients and develops and executes marketing strategies for our clients.”

-Austin Scott, Owner
Fusebox Marketing

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