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7 Things Every Charter Bus Company Needs On Their Website

September 20, 2018
Charter Bus & Motorcoach

In the charter bus industry, there are several important elements you need to incorporate into your website. Here at Fusebox Marketing, we have redesigned hundreds of websites, so we’ve seen our share of sites that had little thought put into the content and layout. Far too often bus rental websites are missing elements that improve usability, lead generation, and content important to website visitors.

We understand that designing and developing a website is hard work! In most cases, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, but there are several core components that make a great charter bus company website. We reviewed our website design and SEO procedures to drill down 5 tips to improve your charter bus company website.

1. Contact information in the header & on every page

This may sound obvious, right? We often come across company websites that are missing their phone number and contact information. Be sure to have it on the top of your website and on every single page. Make it easy to email or call you, especially while visitors are on their mobile devices.

2. Check your title tags, target 1 keyword per page

If you don’t know what at “title tag” is on your website, please contact us so we can complete a full site review of your SEO. When we are redesigning a website for a bus company, one of the reasons they are making a change is because they have a lack of website traffic and search engine rankings. We either see title tags that look like “Home” or “Welcome” on the homepage or outdated SEO with keyword stuffing is taking place on each page (IE: bus rental | buses for rent | dallas charter bus | texas motorcoaches|). Also, always remember to use keywords that relate to the page content.

3. Create a service area page with popular service city pages

A great way to tell visitors where you service is to create a service area page with a service map. To enhance your SEO, create unique content pages for several major towns, cities, and states you service to optimize and gain leads from several other locations.

4. Check your site speed

With Google’s’ mobile first indexing, its important to have a mobile friendly website that loads quickly. An easy way to do this is by using Google’s PageSpeed Insights. If you find your scores only in the low or medium for mobile and desktop, be sure to reach out for help! By improving site speed and usability can improve your visitor experience and SEO.

5. Testimonials and links or embed public reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.

An increasing number of people say they trust online reviews as much as hearing a recommendation from an acquaintance. Be sure you have processes in place to request reviews from bus passengers or the group contact person. Having reviews on your website and major review websites will improve your online reputation and increase leads.

6.Dedicated pages for popular travel groups

Many charter websites we come across list out the types of groups they often serve. To enhance your website and improve your SEO, take it one step further by creating dedicated pages for each popular group. This will allow you to fully optimize your website for groups such as sports teams, weddings, corporate, and more.

7. Keep your fleet pages updated

If you have updated fleet options and don’t have photos of the interior and exteriors, be sure to make time to do so! Our team reviews analytics from motorcoach companies and see that many users want to view the fleet sizes and options companies have. By not keeping your fleet options updated, you might be missing lead opportunities.


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